Custom silverware drawer with wooden dividers in kitchen with painted lower cabinets, stone countertops and wood flooring

Quality Construction

Forever Cabinets Construction

QUALITY CONSTRUCTION CABINETS The sides, floors, and backs of our cabinets are made of ¾ inch 7 to 11 ply, plywood. Solid wood integrated paneled sides are also available for exposed backs and sides. The face frames are made of solid hardwood milled in our state of the art lumber mill, and dried in our …

Custom Cabinets

Forever Cabinets Construction

Fully customized cabinets can be very expensive, and take a long time to manufacture, making them too costly for many homeowners. At Forever Cabinets by Kendrick, we knew there had to be a better alternative, which is why we manufacture custom cabinets without the sky-high price tag. You might ask, “How do they do it?” …